Fitness and wellbeing

FITNESS and wellbeing

Henley Hall is pleased to partner with Jubenesence® to bring a residential ‘Fitness and Wellbeing Retreat’ to Henley Hall.   

In a world shaped by COVID, there is a greater focus on physical health and mental wellbeing.  The Fitness and Wellbeing Retreat delivers a structured programme of exercise, nutrition and resilience workshops designed to kick start life on to a more balanced track. 

To learn more about the retreat, please access our brochure here.


The programme 

    Running from Monday evening to Friday morning, our structured programme is designed to provide every attendee with the following:

    • Fitness. A personally challenging exercise programme balancing strength/conditioning with cardiovascular sessions designed to achieve your goals, whether  weight loss, kick-start a new fitness programme, or extending current fitness levels. 
    • Balanced Nutrition. Our residential chef has worked with us to develop a varied menu that delivers the energy requirements for every attendee. 
    • Well-being.  A structured programme to aid recovery and stimulate the mind including gentle flowing yoga and sessions on personal resilience.
    • Post-retreat. Follow up support emails, including your nutritional menus from the week and ongoing exercise ideas.

    For more information, visit:

    Physical Health and Well Being - Jubenescence


    fitness and wellbeing retreat DATES

    Dates proposed for 2021, subject to COVID regulations.  

    Summer & autumn 2021

    Monday 28th June - Friday 2nd July - 12 places 

    Monday 19th July - Friday 23rd July - 12 places

    Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September - 12 places

    Monday 18th October - Friday 22nd October - 12 places



    Our residential chef has developed nutritionally balanced and varied menus delivering wholesome and healthy dishes. 

    The course includes a nutrition talk and demonstration with our personal chef and nutritionist to kick start a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    This, coupled with the menu cards will enable you to continue the new health lifestyle once you return home.


    for the Henley hall fitness courses

    Henley Hall has a number of accommodation options available.  The cost of the course is based on the time of year and your room preference.  The costs include all fitness sessions, nutritional counselling, all meals, and accommodation.  No hidden extras! To view the accommodation choices follow the link in the section below.

    Own double bedroom, own bathroom
    Shared double/twin bedroom, own bathroom


    Henley Hall offers a range of accommodation options in the main Hall and apartments in the grounds.



    Matt Juby, the founder of Jubenescence, works with 2 other physical trainers, Massimo (Max) and Rachel to bring a wealth of training expertise.  

    From boxing to ballet, core strength and conditioning, the team have all the skills and expertise to help create a new you. For more information on the course and what to expect, contact Matt.



    Matt spent over 20 years working in the corporate environment, frequently travelling across continents, living in hotels and spending much of the working day in meetings.

    He became aware of the impact that a predominantly sedentary lifestyle was having on his health and wellbeing. Improving his exercise and nutritional patterns created an immediate and positive impact on his physical and mental state.

    Matt now works as a full time PT and nutritional advisor. He understands the impact that a hectic life can have on the individual and the importance of good health and wellbeing has never been more important. Matt works with individual and corporate clients where he uses his experience to take an holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

    Matt believes that success is built on marginal gains!


    Sport and fitness has always been a big part of Rachel’s life and one of the main reasons she pursued it as a career, with a degree in Sports Therapy, a Personal Training qualification and masters in Strength and Conditioning. 

    Rachel  has worked in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years, working with a wide range of clientele, including professional athletes, providing 1-2-1 sessions, group personal training, strength and conditioning as well as rehabilitation and corrective exercise.


    I was introduced to Matt in September last year following a couple of joint replacement operations and he has been helping me regain fitness by weekly home visits since then. From short runs, rope and weight work and even boxing coaching he encourages my progress with a gentle determination and a great sense of humour.


    Max’s years of experience shine through at every session, with a different routine each time from ballet to boxing!!! He’s a pleasure to spend time with and we do have a good laugh as well.  I cannot recommend Max enough, you just know you are in safe hands and before you realise it you are looking good, feeling positive and healthier.


    Matt is a highly knowledgeable and inspiring coach and I greatly look forward to his weekly visits.  I could not recommend Matt more highly.